Using Postman with Clarifai APIs

Pre-configured API calls with Postman.


This page explains how to use Postman to perform Clarifai API calls. You can use Postman to make a wide variety of GET, POST, PATCH, and DELETE calls supported through the Clarifai platform.

  • An active Clarifai account.

  • Access to your Clarifai API key and user login credentials.

  • Basic knowledge of API structure and JSON formatting.

Import the Clarifai collection into Postman

Just click here to retrieve the Clarifai API collection so that you can import it into your Postman instance.

Click the "Fork" button and your new environment will be ready to use. Once the collection has been imported, a list of available Clarifai API calls will be available in your Postman directory.


The collection includes a Postman environment called Clarifai Authentication, where you can add your username, password and Clarifai API key or Personal Access Token for authentication.

Follow these steps to set up your environment:

  1. Click the Manage Environments gear icon in the upper right corner of Postman.

  2. Select Clarifai Authentication

  3. Click Edit.

  4. Add in your Clarifai API key as the initial value and current value for the api_key variable, and add your Clarifai Application key as the initial value and current value for the application_key variable.