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Create applications to work with AI models on Clarifai

Applications are the basic building blocks for creating projects on the Clarifai platform. An application is literally what it sounds like: an application of AI to an existing challenge.

It’s a self-contained project for storing and handling, data, annotations, models, concepts, datasets, workflows (chaining of models together), searches, modules, and more.

You can create as many applications as you want and edit or delete them as you see fit. You can can divide your use among them to segment data into collections and manage access accordingly. Usually, you would create a new application for each new set of related tasks you want to accomplish.


An operation performed in one application will return results from data within that application, but will be blind to data in other applications.

Applications include a variety of resources and provide control over access to those resources. Access to each application can be controlled using Personal Access Tokens (PATs) or app-specific API Keys.

You can learn more about authentication in the next section.