Collaborator functionality provides you the ability to share your apps so that you can work with your team members to label data, create models and more. This openness comes with full control of the permissions available in your apps, so that you can manage the capabilities and information available to each user. Give a trusted collaborator full access, or invite a worker with only permission to annotate your data but not delete it.

Just navigate to the app details page and click "Add collaborators"

From here, enter the email address of any collaborators that you would like to add. You can also choose the scope of the resources that you would like the collaborator to have access to. You can manage the following permissions for a given collaborator:

  • Annotation: Add and Remove Annotations on Inputs

  • Collaborator: Add, Remove and Patch Collaborators

  • Collector: Add, Remove and Patch Input Collectors

  • Concept: Add, Remove and Patch Concept

  • Input: Add and Remove Inputs to an App

  • Model: Add, Remove and Train Custom Models

  • Other: Clarifai only (for now)

  • Predict: Predict on Public and Custom Models

  • Search: Search over Inputs an App

  • Task: Add, Remove and Patch Scribe labeling Tasks

  • Vocab: Add, Remove and Delete lists of Concepts

  • Workflow: Add, Remove and Delete Workflows of Models

Since API keys are tied to a specific user and a specific app, your collaborators cannot create their own API keys. Collaborators also cannot invite other collaborators.

Edit Collaborator Scopes

You can edit the scope of the permissions allowed to a given collaborator after they have been added to your app. Just click the "pencil" icon next to the name of the collaborator.