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(Beta) Proposals enable you to build model and concept hierarchies

Build model and concept hierarchies

Organizing models and concepts hierarchically can be very useful when working with large and complex model taxonomies.

Create parent-child relationships between concepts

Concept hierarchies

By establishing concept hierarchies you can build applications that can account for the fact that child concepts (like table) are related to parent concepts (like furniture). Learn more about working with concept relationships with the Clarifai Knowledge Graph.

Choose your concept relationships

Model hierarchies

By establishing model hierarchies you can establish relationships between grouping models and ranking models. This parent-child relationship can help address very common real world problems in AI, where you will first want to group subsets of your data together, before processing with more specialized models. You can choose any custom or pre-built model as your grouping and ranking models.

The proposals tab helps you to take advantage of AI assist and knowledge graph linking.