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Learn about our aggregate operators

Aggregation operators consolidate multiple model outputs into a single output. Aggregation is important for a wide variety of image, video, and text use cases, and can help you count objects, connect individually detected words into sentences, or connect objects across multiple frames of video.

Text Aggregation Operator

Output: Text

This is an operator that combines text detections into a text body for the whole image. Detections are sorted from left to right first and then from top to bottom, using the top-left corner of the bounding box as a reference.

Object Counter

Output: Metadata

It allows you to count the number of regions that match this model's active concepts frame by frame.

Track Representation Operator

Output: Tracks

The operator takes the embedding of each track frame and aggregates them to form a track embedding.

Tiling Region Aggregator Operator

Output: Regions

This operator is to be used as a follow-up to the image tiling operator and visual detector. It will transform the detections on each of the tiles back to the original image, and perform non-maximum suppression. Only the top-class prediction for each box is considered.