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Clarifai Organizations

Make the most of teamwork

Clarifai Organizations is a feature within the Community that lets you consolidate multiple Clarifai accounts into an organization, allowing you to enhance collaboration and drive better results with your AI-powered software solutions.

With Clarifai Organizations, you can create and centrally manage your company’s machine learning projects. It allows you to consolidate your team’s capabilities so that you can realize the compliance, security, and budgetary goals of your company.


The Organizations feature is currently exclusively available to Enterprise users. You can be an admin in up to 20 organizations at once.

Clarifai Organizations Capabilities

The Clarifai Organizations feature offers the following capabilities:

  • Centralize management of your Clarifai operations

Clarifai Organizations enables you to bring your collaborators, teams, applications, and other resources within Clarifai under a single umbrella.

For example, if you’re an administrator of an organization, you can invite existing Clarifai users to be members of your organization, which allows you to manage their accounts from a central point.

This centralized control makes it easy to track your usage of the Clarifai platform and get the most out of it.

  • Consolidate billing for all members of an organization

Clarifai Organizations lets you consolidate the billing for all member accounts so that you can conveniently pay for them. Having one bill across your organization allows you to monitor the charges across multiple accounts and streamline payment processing.

As an administrator, you can track the account activity of every member of your organization. This allows you to monitor the billing activities associated with each account and optimize the cost performance of your organization.

  • Enact Access Policies

As an administrator, you can set up policies that dictate how users can access the resources within your organization. You can enable a password policy that enhances the security of your organization’s resources by motivating users to create and employ strong passwords.

You can also enact role-based security to restrict access to resources based on a member’s role within the organization. You can allow members only to access the applications necessary to perform their assigned duties effectively.

  • Set up siloed access permissions

As an administrator, you can set up various teams and attach different access permissions to them. You can specify which applications and individual actions the users in each team can access.

For example, if you have members within your organization who must access only the resources that meet certain data regulatory requirements, you can aggregate those accounts in their own team. You then define a policy that prevents members of that team from accessing resources that do not comply with those regulatory standards.


If you want to access any feature of Clarifai Organizations via the API, you must use a PAT.

Getting Started With Clarifai Organizations

To get started with Clarifai Organizations, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to the Clarifai Community Portal.
  2. Click your user’s profile icon at the top-right section of the navigation bar and click the + Add an Organization button on the drop-down list.

Add an organization

  1. On the dialog box that appears, provide the details of your organization.

Create an organization

  • Organization Name: Enter a unique name for your organization, such as test-org.
  • Organization ID: Enter a unique identifier for your organization, such as 123455. This is what will appear in the URL when browsing the Community platform as an organization.
  • Billing Email: Enter your billing email, such as

Click the Confirm button.

That’s how to create a Clarifai organization!

After creating a Clarifai organization, you can begin interacting with the Community platform as an organization—just like a normal user would, albeit with some other added capabilities.

To start accessing the Community platform with your organization’s profile, click your user’s profile icon at the top-right section of the navigation bar and select your organization’s profile on the drop-down list.

Select your organization’s profile

You’ll notice that your user’s profile will change to your organization’s profile.

If you click your organization’s profile icon at the top-right section of the navigation bar, you’ll find various items on the drop-down list that let you manage various aspects of your Clarifai organization.

Organization profile drop-down list

  • My Apps—Allows you to create and manage your organization’s applications and organize all your content, including models, workflows, inputs, and more.
  • Collaborations—Allows you to manage the collaborations associated with your organization.
  • Starred—Allows you to easily manage all the models and workflows you’ve starred inside your apps.
  • Account—Allows you to update your organization’s profile, delete the account information related to your organization, or leave the organization.
  • Billing—Allows you to manage the consolidated billing associated with your organization account.
  • Security—Allows you to enforce the security of your Clarifai organization.
  • Sign Out—Allows you to sign out of the Community platform, which includes your user and organization accounts.