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Apps, Models, and Workflows

Create and manage apps, models, and workflows

In a Clarifai organization, you have the ability to create and manage various resources, such as apps, models, and workflows. The process for handling these resources is consistent with how they are managed across the rest of our platform.

This ensures a seamless experience whether you are working within an organization or individual account.

You can visit the respective sections within this documentation to understand how to effectively create and manage these resources. This will help you make the most of the Org feature and enhance collaboration within your teams.

Transfer an App

You can transfer an app you own to an organization you belong to, provided you have the necessary permissions to create apps. This transfer enhances collaboration and boosts productivity within your team.

To do so, start by clicking your personal user’s profile icon at the upper-right section of the navigation bar. Then, select the My Apps option in the drop-down list.

You’ll be redirected to a page that lists the apps you own. Next, select the app you want to transfer to an organization.

List apps you own

You’ll be redirected to the app’s individual page. Select the Settings option on the collapsible left sidebar.

App setting

On the ensuing App Settings page, scroll down to the Transfer ownership section and click the Transfer button.

Transfer app ownership

On the dialog box that appears, select the app’s destination organization and give it a new name, if you want to.

Click the Confirm button to finalize the transfer.

Give app a new name

The app will be successfully moved to the organization you selected, and it will no longer appear on your listed apps page. It will be listed on the Org Apps page.

Org apps