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Clarifai Portal Basics

Your portal for the entire AI-lifecycle

The Clarifai Community portal is the fastest and easiest AI workspace for any skill level. It has everything you need to build reliable AI-powered apps. With the low-code, no-code solution, you can discover, build, and share futuristic AI models, workflows, and app components.

It gives you the power to search, sort, and organize your AI projects right out of the box. Its intuitive, feature-rich, drag-and-drop user interface makes the world’s most advanced computer vision AI technology accessible to anyone.


Note that anything that you can do on the platform, you can also do directly with our API. If you want to build powerful UIs, you can do so with our API.

Community offers powerful tools for the full AI lifecycle. It provides a seamless, end-to-end AI workspace that you can use to manage your data, annotate your inputs, and build custom AI models.

The Clarifai Community platform provides the following:

  • Access to a massive collection of user-contributed state-of-the-art models, workflows, datasets, and custom UI for a variety of tasks. This lets you avoid reinventing the wheel by ensuring you have world-class AI in one place. You can easily customize your needs on the same platform.
  • Ability to manage your AI resources within your organization and the general public audience with notes, metadata, and model cards.
  • Ability to view predictions of any model or workflow as you browse to test your data.
  • Ability to easily filter and sort resources by name, type, license, data, and more as an extensible model, data, workflow, and UI catalog.
  • Ability to collaborate with AI experts from all over the world. You'll get the right tools to collaborate in the public community and within your organization. This lets you accelerate your AI adoption efforts.