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Creating your AI Apps

Learn how to interact with apps using Clarifai SDKs

Unlock the power of artificial intelligence by seamlessly integrating Clarifai SDKs into your application development process. With the Clarifai SDKs, creating intelligent and visually aware applications has never been more accessible. Empower your apps with cutting-edge AI capabilities, from image and video recognition to natural language processing. Our SDKs provides a user-friendly interface, allowing developers to harness the full potential of Clarifai's state-of-the-art models effortlessly.

Create App

Leverage the Clarifai SDKs to seamlessly generate a new application, complete with a distinct and unique app ID. The API empowers you to effortlessly create apps tailored to your specific requirements, unlocking the potential for innovative and personalized experiences.

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from clarifai.client.user import User

client = User(user_id="user_id", pat="YOUR_PAT")
# You can create an app by providing the app id
app = client.create_app(app_id="test_app", base_workflow="Empty")
2024-01-15 16:11:26 INFO     clarifai.client.user:                                            

App created


description: "Ok"

req_id: "1728082daee63fa593411dcb573e7e33"

Create an app with different base workflow

The API empowers you to establish an app with distinct base workflows, offering flexibility and adaptability. Choose from a range of available base workflows including Empty, Universal, Language Understanding, and General. This enables you to seamlessly integrate and customize the fundamental structure of your app, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your project requirements.

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from clarifai.client.user import User

client = User(user_id="user_id", pat="YOUR_PAT")
# You can set the base workflow as ["Empty","Universal","Language-Understanding","General"]
app = client.create_app(app_id="test_app_2", base_workflow="Universal")

2024-01-15 16:19:23 INFO clarifai.client.user:

App created


description: "Ok"

req_id: "7e7e9eaaebbd3c8f7ba6bf5e5cc7f2a3"

Listing Apps

The Clarifai SDKs provides a convenient API to retrieve a list of all the apps available in your account. The list_apps function is a powerful tool that not only fetches the information but also supports essential features such as pagination for optimal data display.The use of parameters like page_no and per_page empowers you to customize the retrieval process based on your specific requirements.

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from clarifai.client.user import User

# the list_apps method allows pagination
apps = list(User("user_id", pat="YOUR_PAT").list_apps(page_no=1,per_page=6))
for app in apps:
print("App id: ",
App id:  test_app_3

App id: test_app_2

App id: test_app

App id: APP_ID

App id: demo_app

App id: test

Delete App

In the Clarifai SDKs, the "Delete App" functionality empowers users to seamlessly remove an app from their account by specifying the unique App ID. This API-driven approach simplifies the app management process, allowing for efficient deletion of redundant or unused applications.


Be certain that you want to delete a particular app as the operation cannot be undone.

from clarifai.client.user import User

# Provide the app id as parameter to delete_app function
user = User("user_id", pat="YOUR_PAT").delete_app("test_app_2")
2024-01-15 16:28:09 INFO     clarifai.client.user:                                            

App Deleted


description: "Ok"

details: "application \'test_app_2\' deleted"

req_id: "35bec06c2b871f335064ec2f197344b1"

Create Concept

With the Clarifai SDKs, you have the capability to effortlessly create concepts by uploading input data to your app, accompanied by a specified label. This process automates the creation of concepts, streamlining the integration of new ideas or entities into your application.

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from clarifai.client.input import Inputs

image_url = ""
# You can set the label parameter inorder to create a concept while uploading inputs
input_obj = Inputs(user_id="user_id", app_id="test_app", pat="YOUR_PAT")
2024-01-15 16:53:00 INFO     clarifai.client.input:                                          

Inputs Uploaded


description: "Ok"

details: "All inputs successfully added"

req_id: "d54e6e6ef983e32cadbc7e6134a829a2"

List concept

The List Concepts feature in the Clarifai SDKs empowers users to retrieve a comprehensive list of all available concepts within their application. With the list_concepts function, users can seamlessly navigate through large sets of concepts by leveraging built-in pagination functionalities. This enables efficient information display while providing flexibility through parameters such as page_no and items per_page.

Visit this page for more information.

from import App

app = App(app_id="test_app", user_id="user_id", pat="YOUR_PAT")
# the list_concepts method allows pagination
all_concepts = list(app.list_concepts(page_no=1,per_page=1))
[id: "id-train"

name: "train"

value: 1

created_at {

seconds: 1705317780

nanos: 434442000


language: "en"

app_id: "test_app"

visibility {

gettable: PRIVATE