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Python SDK Notebook Examples

Learn how to use the Clarifai Python SDK

Here are comprehensive step-by-step walkthroughs within Jupyter or Colab notebooks that showcase how to harness the power of the Clarifai SDKs.

BasicsOpen in ColabApp and dataset lifecycle: creation, interaction, and deletion
Input Upload
Dataset Upload
Open in Colab
Open in Colab
Illustrates how to upload datasets into a Clarifai app using features from Dataset
Vector SearchOpen in ColabHow to do vector search over your own data
Create Workflows
Export workflows
Open in Colab
Open in Colab
Learn how to create workflows
Learn how to export workflows
Models PredictOpen in ColabLearn how to get predictions with text, image, video, and audio inputs with any model (e.g. LLMs)
Image Classification Training
Text Classification Training
Image Detection Training
Image Segmentation Training
Transfer Learn Training
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Open in Colab
Open in Colab
Open in Colab
Open in Colab
Model training and finetuning for different model types.
Embedding Classifier
Text Classifier
Visual Classifier
Visual Detector
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Open in Colab
Open in Colab
Open in Colab
Learn how to evaluate a model.
RAGOpen in ColabLearn how to use RAG

Integrations Examples

IntegrationFunctionNotebookOpen in Colab
LangchainChainsPrompt Templates and ChainsOpen in Colab
Retrieval QA ChainOpen in Colab
Router ChainOpen in Colab
PostgreSQL LLMOpen in Colab
AgentsConversational AgentOpen in Colab
ReAct Docstore AgentOpen in Colab
Unstructured.ioGithub Data IngestionOpen in Colab
S3 Data IngestionOpen in Colab
DropBox Data IngestionOpen in Colab