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Organization and Teams

by Artjom Shestajev

What are Organizations and Teams?

Clarifai announced the advanced Organizations feature support in March 2023. Here we will briefly touch on its benefits and provide a few tips to quickly start using it in your day-to-day operations.

In general, Clarifai supports three levels of collaborative access:

  1. Personal space. This is your standard account (regardless of the billing plan) that allows you to build both simple and complex ML-powered applications. You can share your models and workflows in the Community (hint: we are working on allowing to share whole apps in the future), but only you can manage them.
  2. Add collaborators. It is better to work on something fascinating together. Invite any other user to join you on a particular project. Access scopes are granular (ie, full or only specific operations) and are granted on the App level. This is an Ideal option for quick “let’s build it together!” initiatives, including temporary ones.
  3. Organization feature. Enterprise plan allows you to set up a separate Org account where you can invite colleagues, share apps and even split bigger teams into smaller ones with their own access levels. This is where you can leverage your team's expertise and achieve the maximum result.

The latter option is the most versatile and advanced. Each member of your team can still work on individual projects in their own accounts as well as have access to the Org space with dedicated Apps, Models and Workflows. The process to start is simple:

  1. As an Admin, create an Organization, head to the Org settings and send invites to your team members
  2. Choose an Admin role for the highest access level or an Org contributor for the default all-apps access
  3. They will receive a link in their email box to accept (and register if not yet)
Organization member detail
Organization member detail


As your organization grows you might want to subdivide users into Teams with isolated access to only specific Apps. To do that, simply create a new Team, add one or multiple Apps this team needs to have access to and, of course, specify, which members are now part of this Team.

Team management
Team management

And that pretty much covers it.

A few tips to help you even further:

  • Any App can be part of multiple Teams and also any Member can belong to numerous Teams if needed. Flexibility is what we kept in mind when designing this functionality for you.
  • To prevent your team member from having access to other Apps or altering the App settings, be sure to downgrade his role to the Team contributor in Settings. This role relies on a Team to be created and specific App(s) to be added.
  • It is possible to work on your own App initially (in your private account) and then transfer it to the Org for anyone else to access in just a few clicks.

For a more extensive manual, head to our documentation page.