Organizations, Teams and Role-Based Access Control

Manage your organization, teams and team members in one place

Organizations and Teams within Organizations

Manage your AI pipeline with application and account controls specifically designed for enterprise users. Organizations and Teams allow for organization administrator and user roles, role-based access control, team management, organization-based settings, and organization-based billing.

Create an Organization

To get started, just click the "Create Organization" button in the upper right hand corner of the app management screen in Portal.

Once you have created your organization, you can change your organization setting by clicking "Manage Organizations".

Creating Teams

To create a new team, just click on the "Teams" tab in the lefthand sidebar and click "Create Team".

Adding Team Members

You can invite new team members to your organization with three different roles:‌

  • Admin: Unrestricted access to organization

  • Organization Contributor (all apps): Access to all organization apps and read-only access to teams

  • Team Contributor (select apps): Access to apps that are shared to users team

Invitees can accept or decline an invitation, even when they do not have an account in Portal, but they will be prompted to create one.

Deleting an organization

You can delete an organization under the "Organizations" tab.


You can view your billing settings, change your plan type, and add a credit card for payment under the "Billing" tab.

View usage of organizational applications

You can review billable usage under the usage tab for your organization. This dashboard provides a view of billable usage, custom concepts and inputs over time.

Create Identity Provider

You can add SAML-based identity providers to organization. Once you have enabled an identity provider, all organization related requests will require you to be authorized with that identity provider. On the initial authentication you will need to link your account with the identity provider.