Changelog 6.8

New Feature


Bug Fix

Enterprise Only




|Use single LabelerToolbar for all labelers, make shared using Context | |Remove all computation from components, move to selectors for perf | | |Fixed carousel scroll behavior | | |Added button to add collaborator when adding reviewer | | |Post incorrect bounding box. Fixed | | |Refreshing in Labeler Crashes Portal. Fixed | | |Add Grid Review UI to Review Page | | |Panning while playing a video renders rects incorrectly. Fixed | | |Navigation from the task creation page if task creation fails. Fixed | |Konva: Image filters | |Konva: Drawing rects | |Konva: Drawing polygons | |Smaller shapes should supersede zIndex values if they are engulfed by larger ones | | |Region selectors inefficient and running on each call, bypassing reselect memoization. Fixed | | |v2 interpolation: app crash on reload. Fixed | | |CSS issue causing VideoControls to be inaccessible to mouse. Fixed | | |v2 video: no thumbails in carousel. Fixed | | |v2 keyboard hint showing weird characters. Fixed | | |Selected Shape becomes unselected on playing video (make selection persist across track). Fixed | | |Ron is unable to create a task with AI assist in prod. Fixed | | |Write and Preview Tab style. Fixed | | |Task create form shows name as "undefined undefined" when a user has not filled in profile details. Fixed | | |Input source that was selected should be shown when task selected. Fixed | | |Create order fails if I'm a clarifai user. Fixed | | |Layout in order admin form has some issues. Fixed | | |Multiple errors when creating bounding boxes. Fixed | | |Cannot see annotations from a collaborator in v2 linear review. Fixed | | |Keyboard shortcuts dont work in labeler v2. Fixed | | |When a worker opens labeler, display the instructions by default. Fixed | | |Non-clarifai users should have v2 only, clarifai accounts should have v2 by default with option to switch to v1. Fixed | | |Cursor should change to a crosshair when drawing a bounding box. Fixed | | |Cursor should change to an open hand when panning is selected and closed hand when grabbing/panning. Fixed | | |Reviewer cannot see annotations by collaborators. Fixed | | |If the reviewer is NOT the app owner, clicking review takes them to explorer. Fixed | | |Tooltip for labeler nav icon should be uppercase. Fixed | | |As a worker, if I return to Labeler, I should be able to continue from where I was previously. Fixed | | |LaaS orders can't assign inputs which block the workers. Fixed | | |Community users should have LaaS option grayed out with an explanation. Fixed | | |Make the "order admin view" text larger and prominent as a section header. Fixed | | |In labeler UI (worker), submit button should say "Submit Input for Review" to make it clear what the button does. Fixed | | |[P3] In all tasks view, only app owner should see edit/delete icons | | |Carousel blocks input visibility (not just video controls). Fixed | | |In labeler UI carousel, show a check for any input that was submitted, and gray it out slightly. Fixed | |Separate annotation sagas + standardise request batching code (for v2 store) | | |When creating a task in an app w/ no concepts, “Select all concepts” should not be checked by default. There are no concepts created yet. Fixed| | |Update task status on task list | | |Deleting an annotation in reviewer deletes all annotations. Fixed | | |Too many scrollbars in sidebar. Fixed | | |Partition worker strategy Error. Fixed | |Integrate feature gating with LaaS. | | |Panning state not in sync with drawing/moving. Fixed | | |Have to click the + button 2 times to make it work. Fixed | | |Dragging mouse outside of the canvas while drawing leaves the drawing in inconsistent state. Fixed | | |Delete icon on v2 sidebar deletes all annotations on the input. Fixed | | |Resizing shapes near the right edge of the frame causes weird resize behavior. Fixed | | |Entering date manually in Order control modal fixed | | |Carousel Thumbnail animation not working; images looking weird in aspect-ratio due to incorrect CSS | | |Task Form console errors. Fixed | | |Add video icon to carousel for video inputs. Fixed | | |When we use keyboard shortcuts to activate a concept for bounding boxes, show visual feedback | | |Cannot read property '0' of undefined. Fixed | | |Review tab shows new tasks that have no work ready to review. Fixed | | |Video Interpolation doesn't work. Fixed | | |Labeler UI sees last input even after submitting everything. Fixed | | |Box disappears for a second while drawing on video. Fixed | | |Disable worker input when editing a task. Fixed | | |Input data stops being fetched if labeler is exited once and revisited. Fixed | | |Make v2 annotations state flatter. Fixed | | |Darker colors poorly visible in sidebar region items. Fixed | | |Mysterious Phantom Boxes Appearing. Fixed | | |Video not loading. Fixed | | |Multiple boxes appearing. Fixed | | |Misaligned Boxes. Fixed | | |Bounding Boxes and Concepts inconsistent during video playback {Usability}. Fixed | | |Change Labeler to use getHostedAssetUrl. Fixed | | |Enable drawing even if annotations haven't loaded. Fixed | |Use new feature flags at frontend & Labeler for all | | |Can't add Iris workers to LaaS order. Fixed | | |Instructions shouldn't be false while editing. Fixed | | |Labelers/Reviewers should not see "--" when the task does not have AI Assist enabled. Fixed | |Carousel should show some visual feedback when an input has been rejected | | |Carousel flickers and re-renders images when submitting annotations. Fixed | |Add loading indicator to labeler view when fetching data | | |Moving a polygon to the edge of the input causes it to patch outside the allowed range. Fixed | | |Wrong worker_per_input field. Fixed | | |Hide other regions during interpolation. Fixed | | |Concepts Tasks: Cannot read property 'id' of undefined. Fixed | |Carousel should show some visual feedback when an input has been skipped | | |Polygon points are sometimes too small to click. fixed | | |Send embed model id for image annotations. Fixed | | |Skipping/Submitting annotations causes unnecessary rerenders of the entire carousel (all thumbs). Fixed | | |Get an error when submitting an input in a classification task. Fixed | |Improve concept creation process for new apps that you want to label | | |Labeler Reviewer No longer renders assets. Fixed | | |Add "Orders" section to task list admin view | | |Add checkbox to task creation for LaaS Orders | | |List name field instead of id fields in task lists. Fixed | |Set task error code and error description if task annotations pipeline fails | | |Label task submit error: Malformed or invalid request. Fixed | | |Label video - playback control issue fixed | |Hovering annotations in sidebar of Labeler, should highlight the region in the image. | | |Jumping Boxes during video interpolation. Fixed | |Polygon rendering in Labeler v2 | |Virtual scrolling input carousel | | |LabelOrders not fetched when refresh at /labeler page. Fixed | |Lock Edit feature for LaasOrders other than pending orders | |Account for system states (inputId, taskID) between heartbeats and account for them in canvas interaction manager | |Cleanup labelerv2 state on unmount | |V2 Rendering Video Regions | |V2 Video Interpolation | |Labeler saga to process all remaining actions on input change & before user exits | | |Sometimes, bounding box values on Transformer go in the negative, Fixed | | |Task Form: Convert fps -> sample_ms | |Let Clarifai user permissions for status & ETA change | |Implement clarifai user journey for LaaS | |Seperate LaaS order tasks from simple labeling tasks. | |Edit task functionality for clarifai user | |Include Order Task in "assigned to me" and "for review" | | |Regions disappeared in sidebar. Fixed | |Implement a way for Clarifai users to review Order tasks | |Video Rendering Sync with FPS | |Reconcile V1 and V2 video frame index | |Convert incorrectly created fps to sampleMs | |Better signposting of task instruction preview panel | | |Reset Button doesn't work. Fixed | | |Can't go back from Labeler UI. Fixed | | |Collaborators can not add collaborators. Fixed | |Labeler: Add both index and time to all video annotations | | |Implement polygon drawing | | |Toolbar Next & Previous button issue fixed | | |Worker filters don't work in review grid sidebar. Fixed | | |Fixed styling/layout of progress bar in the grid review page | |Add "select all" link next to each concept heading in the grid | | |Integrate order task with current implementation for reviewer and worker | | |Modify Labelerv2 sagas to be compatible with listening to polygon events | | |Instructions editor should not show toolbar toggle, when in preview mode. Fixed | | |Worker strategy should be included while adding workers. Fixed | | |Task creation form concept field should correctly handle paginated response. Fixed | | |Partition worker strategy should only be selectable if you have more than 1 worker. Fixed | | |Labeler v2 submit functionality | | |GridReview: app crash due to code for getting reviewer name. Fixed |




Patch annotation req failed. Fixed

Allow any type of task when the app default workflow is empty workflow

LaaS billing

Undo the delete of cvat persistent volumes

Copier failed in workflow prediction and causing 99009. Fixed

Make gRPC C# client

Make gRPC PHP client

Feedback for malinformend CSV formats

|Make PostKeys and PatchKeys support apps->user_id set to "me" | | |Add automated testing of documentation code examples | |change to getHostedAssetUrl to support returning both video thumbnails and video urls| |Prepare clients for the secure gRPC channel | |Update the gRPC copying code with C#, PHP | |Use sendgrid template for email |




Add AWS Lambda to model mode

Add AWS Lambda model type to API

Put Fairface model in production

|Append landmark and pose annotations to Fairface dataset | | |Fix empty status response | | |Miscellaneous Fixes on Object Counter and KNN | |Allow empty statusCallbackURL and entityStatusCallbackURL | | |Smart Reply | | |Remove isInternalUser Selector from Text Features |




Editing the Empty workflow throws an error in portal. Fixed

|Add Filtering By Concepts for Text workflows | |Add supress_output field option to each workflow node in create workflow view | |Add workflows tab to model gallery | | |Allow reindexing to different workflow without having a shared workflow node (with the old one)| | |No response when "Update workflow" button is pressed. Fixed |




|Refactor Sidebar ✅/❌ functionality to sagas | |Combine Tool components | | |Cannot add card. Something went wrong. Fixed | | |DOMEX face app using face detect. Clicking on any image causes portal to crash. Fixed| | |App in staging, crashing when using pause/play with video. Fixed | |Improve algorithm for grouping annotations and predictions in explorer. | | |N "Predicted Bounding Boxes" toggle button only works after clicking twice | |Show track ID for videos in explorer | |Use ModelType to validate args and persist default values with model versions. | |Update create workflows page design | |Add sortable columns when in list view of model mode. Fixed | |Add pagination to the list of collaborations on app list page of Portal. | |Adopt same tabs everywhere in portal | |Display user_id in user's profile page of portal. | |Use fully qualified urls throughout portal | |Expose the delete button in explorer single input view | | |Adding new concepts to classification apps disappear from Single Image View until refresh. Fixed| |Fix CSS styling of Text Assets for Single Image View | |Image terminology in eval page | | |Empty workflow breaks explorer workflow dropdown. Fixed | | |Fix create model range selector min/max values | | |Model gallery in model mode fails when you click on any concept model with a concept not found message. Fixed| | |Classification Prediction Scores still disappear for previously created apps. Fixed | | |Disable "Train" button on pre-trained models | | |Video times offset by 50ms | | |Detection Tab of Image Details Sidebar does not always display in Face apps. Sometimes it shows classification equivalent. Fixed| | |Model details page crashes while displaying concepts. Fixed | | |Video thumbnails not displaying in search results. Fixed | | |Listing collaborators models in collector view doesn't work. Fixed | | |Fix API error while listing collaborators' models in collectors UI. Fixed | | |Remove unnecessary field from model details page. Fixed | | |Slider for Explorer prediction confidence doesn't apply to all the workflow nodes. Fixed| | |Sending embed_model_version_id on all model types but that's not valid. Fixed | |Memoize sorted detection annotations and custom model predictions to prevent UI lag | |Modify the way users navigate to the model details page | |Fix collector mode to filter by user, then app, then models, then model versions. | | |Image carousel does not scroll to the currently selected text input being viewed |

Changelog 6.7

New Feature


Bug Fix

Enterprise Only




Don't allow updating task workers

Don't create duplicated task annotations

Fix detection evals showing and too many metrics calls

Fix pillow installs for webp

Add enum for embed model version id field type.

Don't show model types for backends that aren't responding.

Clean up path

Add model_type_id to Model protos.

Add /models/types/{model_type_id} endpoint

Prevent models_versions.is_public from every being null.

model mode types that are internal only are being returned.

Create Labeling Order Object and send email to each time backend receives an Labeling Order Object & makes datalabeling a super user

App reindex

Patchable multi-embed workflows with re-index




Demographics model is now broken in model gallery.

Deprecate model.type from model mode

Update model gallery design

embed_model_version_id should be a dropdown




Add versioning to repo, redux, on screen

Allow reviewer to modify annotations during review process.

Store entire canvas state in redux/context, and drive canvas updates by central store

batch v2 shape events by only 1 PATCH/DELETE request

Delete functionality v2

Completely detach labeler rendering from server syncing process to enable background syncing

Input navigating functionality in v2

Set new regionId as "selected" shape if user has selected a transient shape during async updates

Region edit + delete API sync

Fix annotation denormalizer to rehydrate actual concept value

Create new region in labeler v2

Logic to reduce batched drawing events to least number of API operations

Implement new selectors for regions in v2

Normalize Annotations & Regions data for redux storage

Nest labelerTasks reducer inside labeler reducer

Konva: Concept Region drawing implementation

Konva: Implement Rect Transformation

Implement a futureproof schema for labeler interaction events

Move to event-driven design & have the ability to batch updates using custom logic

Create a single Sidebar component for all Labeling types, make children configurable

Remove all props unnecessarily passed from LabelerPage to deep children and make components get props from Redux only

Remove all logic from components to sagas for higher level orchestration of features

Video selector improvements & test updation

Can only save 50 annotations on an image {Usability}

Konva: resizing BBox below minimum size and "crossing over" makes things awry

LabelerPage complete re-render of all components on mouseHover, mousMove (img attached)

Cypress script doesn't terminate webpack-dev-server child process

Cypress pre-run script doesn't check if dev server is already running

Create Unit+Integration testing framework

Integrate headless Cypress with build testing

Switch to react-konva for performant canvas rendering

Add task id to task list

Panning functionality improvements

Lock video playback and interpolation to fps

Annotations created with interpolation seem to have incorrect frame indices

Bounding Boxes and Concepts inconsistent during video playback {Usability}

While annotating video, interpolation freezes and all annotations disappear

Boxes/Interpolation objects are not saving after task submission

Display task instructions to workers in labeler mode

Add infinite scroll loading to labeler carousel

Not incrementing onNext and onPrev pages in Labeler Carousel

Display only minimal log in Portal react app

Update Model mode to use the GET /models/types endpoint

Add list/grid toggle in model mode on all view

Collectors UI should use the layout similar to ModellingMode/LabellerMode

Bulk add concepts to region annotations in app with multi-embed base workflow

Profile page crashes on load

Model mode array of concepts should be unique

Model creation/edit bugs

New Collector page not scrollable

App Workflows - Unable to update model version for custom models

Display Created At Date in App Grid View

Support .txt files from local file browser

Support uploading of multiple video assets as well as image and video assets within the same CSV file

Add better user feedback for uploading text assets

Upload Text by CSV for NLP

Final NLP MVP Feature Changes

Remove 0 area detection filtering from frontend code

Modify accepted CSV upload format so every column corresponds to a network request field

Resolve final bugs with bounding box indexes

Prevent uploading image and video asset types to Text apps

No Visual Feedback for Text input Upload

Support Uploading Files through the OS File Browser for NLP

Custom Model Prediction Bounding Boxes are misaligned from the Detections Bar

Workflow Tab should display and load on initial view for text apps

Unable to navigate between text assets within explorer's asset detail view

CSV uploads not parsing metadata and concepts

Explorer's Advanced Search does not support searching by concepts

Training a classification model no longer display anything within the Custom Model Predictions tab

create annotation CUD sagas for labeler v2

Don't create task annotations in frontend

Form: Input Source showing auto complete options from other apps

Rich text instructions icon bugs

Task create form doesnt force you to set a reviewer if you specify manual review

TypeError: val.add is not a function

Fix autocomplete when user selects "All inputs" for selecting inputs in task creation

Error pops up when collaborator tries to edit task

When I attempt to edit an existing labeling task t...

Page not responding [Usability]

[Explorer] concept thumbnails aren't displaying from model details view

Concept Detail View displays incorrect assets

Add all concepts button to model mode forms

Concept Autocomplete in Model Mode doesn't always display




Allow run workflow and search embedding from embed model in workflow




Metadata Namespacing for Clarifai Apps

App details page should send a user to models page to create models rather than using modal


Changelog 6.6

New Feature


Bug Fix

Enterprise Only




Integrate Python functions service with API

List available model types through API




Fix video error from new face cluster model in staging env

21312 Ground truth data caseids must be nonempty and unique. Fixed

Update deep training to list the ModelTypes

Move model_metadata to better place in protos.

Generalize the domex-visual-searcher model type

List available model types from backend services that provide models.




Fixed bug in submitting finished Labeler Task

Select all concepts checkbox can be de-synced from actual concepts badges. Fixed

Disable Create Task button if not app owner

Search by task_id returns incorrect data

Removed model creation from concept creation action in portal

Video scrubber cannot be moved. Fixed

Fixed ability to delete interpolation tracks (you can only delete frames at this time).

Worker ids used instead of names in report overview in stats view. Fixed

Y-axis on labels created stats page is wrong. Fixed

In task creation, adding concepts should be simple to click all the options right away. Fixed

Toggling concept visibility doesn't affect previously hidden child region. Fixed


If reviewer is not a collaborator, UI sends empty reviewer id back instead of raising error. Fixed

Bounding box disappears on resizing. Fixed

While adjusting bounding box, it creates an additional bounding box over no object. Fixed

Using Play button brings up "Oops" page. Fixed

Error on opening Video Labeler. Fixed

Labeler sidebar interaction bugs and unresponsiveness (due to lack of optimistic UI). Fixed

Newly drawn object disappears from canvas after drawing, and reappears after API response. Fixed

Infinite loading in Labeler Mode for app without any inputs. Fixed

Use name field for tasks in Labeler admin. Fixed

Clicking labeler icon crashes. Fixed

Moving bounding box around repeatedly creates a race condition, shows error notification and duplicate box. Fixed

Explorer inputs stale state. Fixed

Diagnose issues affecting overall hanging/speed/performance of Labeler

Carousel thumbnails not showing up in Labeler. Fixed

Not able to create overlapping bounding boxes. Fixed

When user adds mass metadata in Explorer, the UI says success but metadata does not persist. Fixed

Create annotations while creating task. Fixed

Labeler board showing wrong task type. Fixed

Polygon annotations break Explorer. Fixed

Concept autocomplete in Labeler task creation is showing clarifai/main concepts. Fixed

Should not be allowed to create a task with no concepts if my app has no concepts. Fixed

Fixed image tools state

Restricted tasks to only the assigned users

Add validation to TaskForm’s concept field

Removed all instances of worker_id from Explorer

Create one annotation for each bbox

98011 panic on ListTasks. Fixed

App names no longer display in Explorer. Fixed

Empty Annotations are not displaying after drawing a new bounding box until after refreshing the page. Fixed

Drawing a new bounding box in Explorer after previously labeling a region display an error. Fixed

Video search results do not play at the most relevant video time. Fixed

Change text upload UI to support moderation workflow

Change object key lookup in boundingBoxContainer to use lodash/get

Submitting Task for Review break Portal. Fixed

Labeling a region on an asset with multiple detected regions will put the child annotation in the wrong group in Explorer's sidebar. Fixed

ConvertToBoundingBoxRegion function breaks Explorer when annotation information has not loaded at time of render. Fixed

Video Frame Annotating in Explorer throws errors. Fixed

When drawing a new bounding box, Base64 string for video annotations shows the wrong regions. Fixed

Fixe 10MB issue with video uploads

Detection Regions and Indexes are thrown off on video assets. Fixed

Video Search Results still on showing Inputs. Fixed

DetailsPageHeader adds 2.25rem margin to the DetailsPageBody. Fixed

Video Interpolation in Labeler breaks dev. Fixed

Redux is no longer calculating the sample_ms rate, preventing bounding boxes from rendering. Fixed

Fixed video pause error when navigating between videos

ImagePile in Labeler Task View does not display image thumbs due to extraneous object nesting. Fixed

Remove warning error from console for immutable passed in props to SearchGrid.js

Post annotation to detection region should use region id in portal. Fixed

Delete app button in app details takes you to blank page. Fixed

Incorrect bbox/label numbers displayed in image. Fixed

Multiple video thumbs selected in search results when selecting one thumb. Fixed

Improve Labeler mode window resizing.

W and E hotkeys for image labelling to go left/right.

Polygon annotations break Explorer. Fixed.

Polygons regions don’t appear when panning and zooming. Fixed.

Allow users to create concepts on task create view.

Fixed task list item count query.

Utilising new task endpoints to Create tasks and integrate to show tasks in Portal.

LabelerPage refresh error. Fixed.

Should not be allowed to create a task with no concepts if my app has no concepts. Fixed.

Unknown page Error. Complete interpolation of an object doesn't show bbox. Complete tracking of a box will disappear from the video. Fixed.

Fixed carousel padding.

Labeler board showing wrong task type. Fixed.

Integrate worker/reviewer side of Labeler.

Add 'name' field to new Tasks.

Create annotations while creating task.

Carousel thumbnails not showing up in Labeler. Fixed.

No image clearing/loading indicator in Labeler. Fixed.

Use name field for tasks in Labeler administration.

Bulk labeling value does not update in store upon labeling. Fixed.

Record time per annotation and per input to /stats/values in Labeler mode of Portal.

Query and display stats across workers per task for time and count of annotations.

Concept autocomplete in Labeler task creation is showing clarifai/main concepts. Fixed.

Implement polygon task type in Labeler.

Applying filters in Portal breaks bulk labeling / unlabeling. Fixed.

Unable to bulk-label annotations. Fixed.

Change submit to "Complete Task" in Labeler page and add progress bar as it's working.

Allow Patching region annotations in Labeler mode.

Add AI assist thresholding.

Add ability to set annotation_info in the annotation writer

annotation_info should be a valid JSON in Model Mode. Fixed.

Upgrade gulp and node to latest version for testing-library support

Write PropType declarations for componens/ConceptListTable

Enable collapse behavior in sidebar concepts

Create atomic reusable sidebar components

Integrate React Testing Library

Konva: Image centering, zooming, panning

Move toolbar logic to react context

Refactor TaskForm related thunks to sagas

[Rearch]Scaffold Labeler Redux in a new nested state slice & Implement Sagas

[P2] Task id is used in dropdown of stats tasks rather than

[P0]Show taskId at task list

Move region visibility state to its own React Context

Get sidebar list data directly from redux

[P1] Don't hide task form if error occurs

Remove delay of annotation request

Remove animation for showing concepts on right side

Perf: only fetch input predictions/annotations if user stays on image, not while navigating

Get Labeler internal features ready for internal users

Offload annotation creation to backend

allow reviewers update annotations

No image clearing/loading indicator in Labeler

Controls for resizing bounding boxes need to be more visible

Fabric rendering to be real-time; sync from API in background

make tasks endpoint public

list task by worker id/reviewer id

Add 'name' field to new Tasks

Integrate worker/reviewer side of labeller

Integrate and Implement task deletion using new endpoints

Utilising new task endpoints to Create tasks and integrate to show tasks at portal

Integrate and utilise new CRUD endpoints in portal

Allow users to create concepts on task create view

Add empty CRUD endpoints for tasks

Make polygons a separate task type

Add AI assist thresholding

W and E hotkeys for image labelling to go left/right.

Improve labeler mode window resizing.

Allow Patching region annotations in labeler mode.

crank up internal message size to handle larger videos with more outputs

Introduce stats collection APIs for worker stats.

Implement /tasks CRUD in API.

Add to API as well as track id.

Remove ‘alt’ from hotkeys, just use letters and arrows straight up

Update image tool icons

Add support for fields under ENUM values during model creation

Implement Dynamic model types

Ungrouped Annotations/New Annotation Regions should display at the top of Explorer's Detections List

Change explorer to use sample_ms instead from network response instead of deducing the value

Hide Workflow List Elements if below Range Slider value

Modify Annotating from Custom Model Predictions to post new annotations.

Update model mode with new designs

Refactor ImageUtils.js file to individual functions instead of one object

Added threshold search result in Portal

Update media player icons

Display timestamp bar in Explorer grid view for video results

Concept relation should autocomplete concept name

Send email to workers when they are added to task

Assigning a worker or reviewer to a task sends an email

Apps with empty workflow should allow all task types (concepts, bounding box, polygon) during task creation

Edit Task feature

Support consensus review settings

Support detection tasks

Create new Single Image View and Image Tools

Task view UI for workers

Introduce AWAITING_REVIEW status for annotations

Split tasks admin view into tabs

Test out idea behind tasks as saved searches and POST /annotations iterations

Implement search by annotation.status in backend

Search by images or video type in the right hand side bar of explorer's grid view

Video Crop Region Search

video thumbs display relevant frame in search




Display workflow detection predictions on the main/large image in Portal


Changelog 6.5

New Feature


Bug Fix

Enterprise Only




Can't Access Main Apps Page with invalid collaborators. Fixed.

Unable to create new Application (General Detection). Fixed.

application_sharing scopes field should be json instead of jsonb. Fixed.




Pasting long text makes Uploader unusable due to lack of scrolling. Fixed.

Support uploading text containing emojis.




Integrate and Implement task deletion using new endpoints.

Implement /tasks CRUD in API.

Allow annotation writer model to set the task_id in annotation_info.

Make polygons a separate task type.

Add empty CRUD endpoints for tasks.




vocab_id doesn't appear in the returned object for demographics model. Fixed.

segment-concept model types are no longer returning the segmentation mask. Fixed.

NLP text input does not scroll when longer than viewport height. Fixed.

Clear text inputs after upload.

Improve the "TextFile" React Component for NLP.

Make existing model details view configurable by model type.

Edit model should only contain the fields related to the selected model. Fixed

NLP frontend text input is covered entirely blue when selected. Fixed.

Enforce fields in post/patch models to adhere to model types. Fixed.




Fixed fps issue for video predictions.

Validate stat_value_agg_type.



Dropdown Search Help Menu no longer displays in the search bar. Fixed.

Video thumbs have relevant timestamp in search.

Added adjustable search results threshold.

Search over multi-embed workflows.

Added search on input level.

Improved search query by using multi join.

Fixed panic in list saved searches endpoint.

Input metadata search from table not working. Fixed.




"Return to Log in " doesn't redirect to login page. Fixed.

Clicking on image, or Explorer Mode with images that contain geo coordinates crashed the app.

Portal model predicts use hosted URL when available instead of normal URL.

When selecting a concept and going to the next image the concept checkbox won't stay selected. Fixed

Allow multi-select from explorer grid view and add metadata.

Integrate and utilize new CRUD endpoints in Portal.

Allow for pasted text to keep formatting in the text box.

Prediction threshold slider custom model predicts without base workflow annotations. Fixed

Strings without spacing format properly in Explorer's Asset Grid View

annotation_info should be a valid JSON in Model Mode. Fixed.




Hide the "add text" section of the add inputs modal for non text workflows.

Validate that all nodes in workflows list their inputs based on type.

Add NLP to Workflows List

Generalize the iterations over regions/frames in workflow code.

Add ability to "make a copy" of public_workflows.

Allow indexing embedding from detect -> crop -> embed style workflows.

Allow setting input nodes for all users, not just users.

Allow non-internal users setting input node when creating workflows.

Create/Patch workflow uncaught exception.




Update to reflect our current API clients including grpc clients.

Changelog 6.4

New Feature


Bug Fix

Enterprise Only




Improved responsiveness of collaborations tab in /apps

Enabled list collaborators to list deleted collaborators

Login Form breaks app. Fixed

Deleting an app no longer redirects to /apps

Can’t create models in new app. Fixed




Fixed .webp files not working when sent as base64




MVP of labeler single image view functionality

Support detection tasks

Detection Labeler: Color Coded Concepts

Add workflow_id to task creation and show AI predictions to verify in labeler mode

Split tasks admin view into tabs

Add visual sections to task form

Add default queries for "all inputs" and "all unlabelled inputs" in task create view

Autocomplete annotation user

Implement Classification Task Review Logic

Implement Review Process into tasks

Introduce stats collection APIs for worker stats

Implement APIs for polygon region support

Incorporate image filters for labelling

Update image tool icons

Ability to zoom in on images

Remove ‘alt’ from hotkeys, just use letters and arrows

Label to draw box in video frame using frame bytes

Display videos in labeler

Add video fps field for tasks

Draw Bounding Boxes in Labeler Detection Videos

Add video controls for video in labeler

Fix Classification Annotation

Video annotation deletion. Fixed

AI Assist Predictions did not show for General workflow classification task. Fixed

Fix Classification video annotation

Display video in classification tasks

Fix Labeler input urls

Fix Annotation creation for video

Fix Labeler post calls

Detection Labeler: fix zoom

Fixed image cropper task description

Fix concept threshold creation

Set annotation status ‘success’

Restrict tasks to only the assigned users

Add validation to TaskForm’s concept field

Display human tags for human box as child




Convert Deep Trained Model to Embedding Model for Use as "Base Workflow"

Classification predictions for AI assistance

Merge this detection and custom model prediction sections for detection models

Video labelling UI for classification.

Remove the non-creatable types from model mode

Improve the create classifier / detector view options in model mode

Add deep training options in model mode

Update random sampling model to have a slider




Fixed public concept rank




Support detection evaluations in PostAnnotationSearchMetrics

Support nlp search (only filtering)

Add evaluations between two saved search label sets

Fix labeler search amount

Error: "Cannot search over annotations" when clicking a general app. Fixed

Model name and details is not populated upon model creation in model mode

Fix annotation search when accessing the LabelerPage

Search by annotation_info should not return the embed annotation. Fixed

Search for metadata in detection apps doesn't work. Fixed




Create Dual Range Slider

Enable patching the default workflow from Portal and error if needs reindex

Allow drawing bounding boxes on paused video frames

Add scopes for collaborators and metrics to Portal

Allow up to 15-20x zoom level for really large images.

Allow selection the embed_model_version_id from Portal when creating a model

Fix inconsistent fps between uploading video and predicting video

Missing frame time. Fixed

Model annotations not appearing in Explorer. Fixed

When creating the auto annotation workflow editing the workflow crashes Portal

Fix image tools state




CreateWorkflow model improvements

Allow custom concept models in the default app workflows

Add a "Make a Copy" or "Copy to New Workflow" button for each workflow

Allow patching the default workflow in Portal

Show the default workflow in the list of workflows for the app

Validate patching of default workflow is compatible in backend

Large workflow name causes overlap in app details view. Fixed

Portal crashes if page reloads during workflow add/edit. Fixed

Detection workflow recompute also predict detect-concept

Allow detect-concept models to be added to workflows

Patch workflow create worker

Fix validation of inputs in workflows

Fix workflow embed_join_annotation_id issue




Clean up private API client repos

Remove public workflows from Python client

Changelog 6.3

New Feature


Bug Fix

Enterprise Only




Send collaborator emails asynchronously

NLP bug fixes for non-text apps




Consolidated input related status codes

Add to API as well as region.track_id