Release 6.9
Changelog for Clarifai Release 6.9

Changelog 6.8

New Feature
Bug Fix
Enterprise Only


Improve email subject for canceled order
[P0]Cancel feature for Order owner
Task form should select "All Inputs" by default
Create Task button is incorrectly locked due to missing inputs
Embed Model Version Id Missing in classification annotation requests
Detection Annotations with Predictions display out of order
Can only view app owner annotations when viewing an app as a collaborator
Fix Detection Annotations displayed as collaborator bug


Clicking the x on search item in explorer grid view for search across apps does not properly clear the url
Add Min Search Score Range Slider to Search Across Apps Tab
Clicking a video search result does not seek to the corresponding timestamp
Search By Region button on video thunbnails
Clicking see all within image details sidebar of the visual search across apps should render all of the search results in explorer's asset grid view
clicking see all from image details sidebar opens refine search search bar in explorer's asset grid view
Add getSeekedVideoFrame onMouseOver to visual search results of
Add video timestamps to video search results within the
Add search across apps to Image View righthand sidebar
Add select app in "Refine Search" righthand sidebar
Search for annotation.status in Explorer search bar.
Search for annotation.user_id in Explorer search bar.
Change Annotation Search To say "filter by"
Users having the same name as a collaborator causes annotation searching to break.
Manually typing annotation search crashes explorer
Endless error if a search fails in explorer
Search grid view in explorer gets stuck with old results


Tracker evals: support for original coordinates
Integrate MORSE metrics and AP to tracker eval pipeline
Cleanup trackers' interface
Platform-aware triton orchestrator
Connect tracker evaluations with the servicer
Implement first version of tracking eval
Add embed_model_version_id to cluster and KNN model types
Show ROC AUC even if 0.0
crop model carriers forward concepts and other things but shouldn’t.
Edit model doesn't work in model details page and app details page


Create pubic Visual Text Recognition workflow
[Portal] Use only_base parameter when choosing base workflow
Display model name in Selected model row in workflows edit page
Remove workflows creation discrepancy
Workflows nodes being set as Loading


Add Transform, Resize and Drag functionality to canvas rectangles
Create CollabpsableBox block to provide app-wide reusable accordion boxes with menu items
Create a central entities factory for app-wide entities like annotations to be shared across modules like Explorer and Labeler
Mouse leave preserves the FE generated thumbnail of a video at a specific time.
Set up end to end testing framework & write auth tests
Create Data mode design
Filter annotations by user id in explorer
re-position data-mode in sidebar
Fix Development Environment Crashing on Portal
Add responsiveness capability to Portal
user can set a unique user_id ( username ) in profile
Enable HTML links for mode-switching icons
Remove Upload from Explorer in favor of data mode
Memoize video thumbnail urls
Fetch Tag icon data for Explorer inputs on hover
Toast notifications should always be on top
Refactor Data mode
Refactor Data mode (Upload component)
Remove Detection options dropdown menu
Better Toast Notification System
Update ModelVersionSelector component to make use of reselect
Add create_at date to explorer single input view.
Expose geo coordinates just like metadata.
Add input_fields and output_fields columns to model selection view (from the ModelType)
Migrate model details page to model mode
Copy button for personal access tokens doesn't work
/models API request being made with appId as undefined
hovering over inputs keeps fetching annotations even if fetched once
Fix incorrect check for 'isDetectionModel' throughout Portal
Broken TypeScript configuration for Cypress and Jest
TypeScript type-checks not running on build/push
Data Mode crashing due to legacy string refs
Predictions don't show up if you reload on Explorer input
Metrics view doesn't work anymore
Classification Annotations not loading
Model filter app name resets when you click ctrl/alt key


[API Client Tests Javascript] Fail fast when stage is invalid
Don’t treat StatusCode_FEATUREFLAG_BLOCKED errors as server errors
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