Release 6.4

Changelog for Clarifai Release 6.4

Changelog 6.4

New Feature


Bug Fix

Enterprise Only




Improved responsiveness of collaborations tab in /apps

Enabled list collaborators to list deleted collaborators

Login Form breaks app. Fixed

Deleting an app no longer redirects to /apps

Can’t create models in new app. Fixed




Fixed .webp files not working when sent as base64




MVP of labeler single image view functionality

Support detection tasks

Detection Labeler: Color Coded Concepts

Add workflow_id to task creation and show AI predictions to verify in labeler mode

Split tasks admin view into tabs

Add visual sections to task form

Add default queries for "all inputs" and "all unlabelled inputs" in task create view

Autocomplete annotation user

Implement Classification Task Review Logic

Implement Review Process into tasks

Introduce stats collection APIs for worker stats

Implement APIs for polygon region support

Incorporate image filters for labelling

Update image tool icons

Ability to zoom in on images

Remove ‘alt’ from hotkeys, just use letters and arrows

Label to draw box in video frame using frame bytes

Display videos in labeler

Add video fps field for tasks

Draw Bounding Boxes in Labeler Detection Videos

Add video controls for video in labeler

Fix Classification Annotation

Video annotation deletion. Fixed

AI Assist Predictions did not show for General workflow classification task. Fixed

Fix Classification video annotation

Display video in classification tasks

Fix Labeler input urls

Fix Annotation creation for video

Fix Labeler post calls

Detection Labeler: fix zoom

Fixed image cropper task description

Fix concept threshold creation

Set annotation status ‘success’

Restrict tasks to only the assigned users

Add validation to TaskForm’s concept field

Display human tags for human box as child




Convert Deep Trained Model to Embedding Model for Use as "Base Workflow"

Classification predictions for AI assistance

Merge this detection and custom model prediction sections for detection models

Video labelling UI for classification.

Remove the non-creatable types from model mode

Improve the create classifier / detector view options in model mode

Add deep training options in model mode

Update random sampling model to have a slider




Fixed public concept rank



Support detection evaluations in PostAnnotationSearchMetrics

Support nlp search (only filtering)

Add evaluations between two saved search label sets

Fix labeler search amount

Error: "Cannot search over annotations" when clicking a general app. Fixed

Model name and details is not populated upon model creation in model mode

Fix annotation search when accessing the LabelerPage

Search by annotation_info should not return the embed annotation. Fixed

Search for metadata in detection apps doesn't work. Fixed




Create Dual Range Slider

Enable patching the default workflow from Portal and error if needs reindex

Allow drawing bounding boxes on paused video frames

Add scopes for collaborators and metrics to Portal

Allow up to 15-20x zoom level for really large images.

Allow selection the embed_model_version_id from Portal when creating a model

Fix inconsistent fps between uploading video and predicting video

Missing frame time. Fixed

Model annotations not appearing in Explorer. Fixed

When creating the auto annotation workflow editing the workflow crashes Portal

Fix image tools state




CreateWorkflow model improvements

Allow custom concept models in the default app workflows

Add a "Make a Copy" or "Copy to New Workflow" button for each workflow

Allow patching the default workflow in Portal

Show the default workflow in the list of workflows for the app

Validate patching of default workflow is compatible in backend

Large workflow name causes overlap in app details view. Fixed

Portal crashes if page reloads during workflow add/edit. Fixed

Detection workflow recompute also predict detect-concept

Allow detect-concept models to be added to workflows

Patch workflow create worker

Fix validation of inputs in workflows

Fix workflow embed_join_annotation_id issue




Clean up private API client repos

Remove public workflows from Python client