Release 6.8
Changelog for Clarifai Release 6.8

Changelog 6.8

New Feature
Bug Fix
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Use single LabelerToolbar for all labelers, make shared using Context
Remove all computation from components, move to selectors for perf
Fixed carousel scroll behavior
Added button to add collaborator when adding reviewer
Post incorrect bounding box. Fixed
Refreshing in Labeler Crashes Portal. Fixed
Add Grid Review UI to Review Page
Panning while playing a video renders rects incorrectly. Fixed
Navigation from the task creation page if task creation fails. Fixed
Konva: Image filters
Konva: Drawing rects
Konva: Drawing polygons
Smaller shapes should supersede zIndex values if they are engulfed by larger ones
Region selectors inefficient and running on each call, bypassing reselect memoization. Fixed
v2 interpolation: app crash on reload. Fixed
CSS issue causing VideoControls to be inaccessible to mouse. Fixed
v2 video: no thumbails in carousel. Fixed
v2 keyboard hint showing weird characters. Fixed
Selected Shape becomes unselected on playing video (make selection persist across track). Fixed
Ron is unable to create a task with AI assist in prod. Fixed
Write and Preview Tab style. Fixed
Task create form shows name as "undefined undefined" when a user has not filled in profile details. Fixed
Input source that was selected should be shown when task selected. Fixed
Create order fails if I'm a clarifai user. Fixed
Layout in order admin form has some issues. Fixed
Multiple errors when creating bounding boxes. Fixed
Cannot see annotations from a collaborator in v2 linear review. Fixed
Keyboard shortcuts dont work in labeler v2. Fixed
When a worker opens labeler, display the instructions by default. Fixed
Non-clarifai users should have v2 only, clarifai accounts should have v2 by default with option to switch to v1. Fixed
Cursor should change to a crosshair when drawing a bounding box. Fixed
Cursor should change to an open hand when panning is selected and closed hand when grabbing/panning. Fixed
Reviewer cannot see annotations by collaborators. Fixed
If the reviewer is NOT the app owner, clicking review takes them to explorer. Fixed
Tooltip for labeler nav icon should be uppercase. Fixed
As a worker, if I return to Labeler, I should be able to continue from where I was previously. Fixed
LaaS orders can't assign inputs which block the workers. Fixed
Community users should have LaaS option grayed out with an explanation. Fixed
Make the "order admin view" text larger and prominent as a section header. Fixed
In labeler UI (worker), submit button should say "Submit Input for Review" to make it clear what the button does. Fixed
[P3] In all tasks view, only app owner should see edit/delete icons
Carousel blocks input visibility (not just video controls). Fixed
In labeler UI carousel, show a check for any input that was submitted, and gray it out slightly. Fixed
Separate annotation sagas + standardise request batching code (for v2 store)
When creating a task in an app w/ no concepts, “Select all concepts” should not be checked by default. There are no concepts created yet. Fixed
Update task status on task list
Deleting an annotation in reviewer deletes all annotations. Fixed
Too many scrollbars in sidebar. Fixed
Partition worker strategy Error. Fixed
Integrate feature gating with LaaS.
Panning state not in sync with drawing/moving. Fixed
Have to click the + button 2 times to make it work. Fixed
Dragging mouse outside of the canvas while drawing leaves the drawing in inconsistent state. Fixed
Delete icon on v2 sidebar deletes all annotations on the input. Fixed
Resizing shapes near the right edge of the frame causes weird resize behavior. Fixed
Entering date manually in Order control modal fixed
Carousel Thumbnail animation not working; images looking weird in aspect-ratio due to incorrect CSS
Task Form console errors. Fixed
Add video icon to carousel for video inputs. Fixed
When we use keyboard shortcuts to activate a concept for bounding boxes, show visual feedback
Cannot read property '0' of undefined. Fixed
Review tab shows new tasks that have no work ready to review. Fixed
Video Interpolation doesn't work. Fixed
Labeler UI sees last input even after submitting everything. Fixed
Box disappears for a second while drawing on video. Fixed
Disable worker input when editing a task. Fixed
Input data stops being fetched if labeler is exited once and revisited. Fixed
Make v2 annotations state flatter. Fixed
Darker colors poorly visible in sidebar region items. Fixed
Mysterious Phantom Boxes Appearing. Fixed
Video not loading. Fixed
Multiple boxes appearing. Fixed
Misaligned Boxes. Fixed
Bounding Boxes and Concepts inconsistent during video playback {Usability}. Fixed
Change Labeler to use getHostedAssetUrl. Fixed
Enable drawing even if annotations haven't loaded. Fixed
Use new feature flags at frontend & Labeler for all
Can't add Iris workers to LaaS order. Fixed
Instructions shouldn't be false while editing. Fixed
Labelers/Reviewers should not see "--" when the task does not have AI Assist enabled. Fixed
Carousel should show some visual feedback when an input has been rejected
Carousel flickers and re-renders images when submitting annotations. Fixed
Add loading indicator to labeler view when fetching data
Moving a polygon to the edge of the input causes it to patch outside the allowed range. Fixed
Wrong worker_per_input field. Fixed
Hide other regions during interpolation. Fixed
Concepts Tasks: Cannot read property 'id' of undefined. Fixed
Carousel should show some visual feedback when an input has been skipped
Polygon points are sometimes too small to click. fixed
Send embed model id for image annotations. Fixed
Skipping/Submitting annotations causes unnecessary rerenders of the entire carousel (all thumbs). Fixed
Get an error when submitting an input in a classification task. Fixed
Improve concept creation process for new apps that you want to label
Labeler Reviewer No longer renders assets. Fixed
Add "Orders" section to task list admin view
Add checkbox to task creation for LaaS Orders
List name field instead of id fields in task lists. Fixed
Set task error code and error description if task annotations pipeline fails
Label task submit error: Malformed or invalid request. Fixed
Label video - playback control issue fixed
Hovering annotations in sidebar of Labeler, should highlight the region in the image.
Jumping Boxes during video interpolation. Fixed
Polygon rendering in Labeler v2
Virtual scrolling input carousel
LabelOrders not fetched when refresh at /labeler page. Fixed
Lock Edit feature for LaasOrders other than pending orders
Account for system states (inputId, taskID) between heartbeats and account for them in canvas interaction manager
Cleanup labelerv2 state on unmount
V2 Rendering Video Regions
V2 Video Interpolation
Labeler saga to process all remaining actions on input change & before user exits
Sometimes, bounding box values on Transformer go in the negative, Fixed
Task Form: Convert fps -> sample_ms
Let Clarifai user permissions for status & ETA change
Implement clarifai user journey for LaaS
Seperate LaaS order tasks from simple labeling tasks.
Edit task functionality for clarifai user
Include Order Task in "assigned to me" and "for review"
Regions disappeared in sidebar. Fixed
Implement a way for Clarifai users to review Order tasks
Video Rendering Sync with FPS
Reconcile V1 and V2 video frame index
Convert incorrectly created fps to sampleMs
Better signposting of task instruction preview panel
Reset Button doesn't work. Fixed
Can't go back from Labeler UI. Fixed
Collaborators can not add collaborators. Fixed
Labeler: Add both index and time to all video annotations
Implement polygon drawing
Toolbar Next & Previous button issue fixed
Worker filters don't work in review grid sidebar. Fixed
Fixed styling/layout of progress bar in the grid review page
Add "select all" link next to each concept heading in the grid
Integrate order task with current implementation for reviewer and worker
Modify Labelerv2 sagas to be compatible with listening to polygon events
Instructions editor should not show toolbar toggle, when in preview mode. Fixed
Worker strategy should be included while adding workers. Fixed
Task creation form concept field should correctly handle paginated response. Fixed
Partition worker strategy should only be selectable if you have more than 1 worker. Fixed
Labeler v2 submit functionality
GridReview: app crash due to code for getting reviewer name. Fixed


Patch annotation req failed. Fixed
Allow any type of task when the app default workflow is empty workflow
LaaS billing
Undo the delete of cvat persistent volumes
Copier failed in workflow prediction and causing 99009. Fixed
Make gRPC C# client
Make gRPC PHP client
Feedback for malinformend CSV formats
Make PostKeys and PatchKeys support apps->user_id set to "me"
Add automated testing of documentation code examples
change to getHostedAssetUrl to support returning both video thumbnails and video urls
Prepare clients for the secure gRPC channel
Update the gRPC copying code with C#, PHP
Use sendgrid template for email


Add AWS Lambda to model mode
Add AWS Lambda model type to API
Put Fairface model in production
Append landmark and pose annotations to Fairface dataset
Fix empty status response
Miscellaneous Fixes on Object Counter and KNN
Allow empty statusCallbackURL and entityStatusCallbackURL
Smart Reply
Remove isInternalUser Selector from Text Features


Editing the Empty workflow throws an error in portal. Fixed
Add Filtering By Concepts for Text workflows
Add supress_output field option to each workflow node in create workflow view
Add workflows tab to model gallery
Allow reindexing to different workflow without having a shared workflow node (with the old one)
No response when "Update workflow" button is pressed. Fixed


Refactor Sidebar ✅/❌ functionality to sagas
Combine Tool components
Cannot add card. Something went wrong. Fixed
DOMEX face app using face detect. Clicking on any image causes portal to crash. Fixed
App in staging, crashing when using pause/play with video. Fixed
Improve algorithm for grouping annotations and predictions in explorer.
N "Predicted Bounding Boxes" toggle button only works after clicking twice
Show track ID for videos in explorer
Use ModelType to validate args and persist default values with model versions.
Update create workflows page design
Add sortable columns when in list view of model mode. Fixed
Add pagination to the list of collaborations on app list page of Portal.
Adopt same tabs everywhere in portal
Display user_id in user's profile page of portal.
Use fully qualified urls throughout portal
Expose the delete button in explorer single input view
Adding new concepts to classification apps disappear from Single Image View until refresh. Fixed
Fix CSS styling of Text Assets for Single Image View
Image terminology in eval page
Empty workflow breaks explorer workflow dropdown. Fixed
Fix create model range selector min/max values
Model gallery in model mode fails when you click on any concept model with a concept not found message. Fixed
Classification Prediction Scores still disappear for previously created apps. Fixed
Disable "Train" button on pre-trained models
Video times offset by 50ms
Detection Tab of Image Details Sidebar does not always display in Face apps. Sometimes it shows classification equivalent. Fixed
Model details page crashes while displaying concepts. Fixed
Video thumbnails not displaying in search results. Fixed
Listing collaborators models in collector view doesn't work. Fixed
Fix API error while listing collaborators' models in collectors UI. Fixed
Remove unnecessary field from model details page. Fixed
Slider for Explorer prediction confidence doesn't apply to all the workflow nodes. Fixed
Sending embed_model_version_id on all model types but that's not valid. Fixed
Memoize sorted detection annotations and custom model predictions to prevent UI lag
Modify the way users navigate to the model details page
Fix collector mode to filter by user, then app, then models, then model versions.
Image carousel does not scroll to the currently selected text input being viewed
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