Release 7.0
Changelog for Clarifai Release 7.0
New Feature
Bug Fix
Enterprise Only


Return UserIDs for Reject/Approve annotation endpoint and fix bug
Integration test timeout when waiting for post input
Sortable-tables for labeler tasks-list


Fixed inconsistency in interpolation & drawing state
Fixed ghost transformer
Migrate Front-End Deployment Jobs
Enable all features for default user on local env
Allow adding collaborator by non-primary email address
Fixed nil pointer dereference in model validation
Fixed nil pointer dereference in workflow validation
Multi search item search support in Portal
Support positive and negative metadata searches
Add geo coordinates in bulk edit in explorer grid view
display app-id in app-listing card
Make the Portal header short
display app re-indexing stats in data-mode ( internal-users )
Add Search By Region and Hiding region capabilities to Annotations & Proposals
better CSV upload error messages
Clean up Bulk labeling code
Fixed modelId is null in Model details page
Fixed model-versions not loading
Fixed collectors user-selection API-calls fail with invalid-token
Collectors pre & post-queue have incorrect labels. Fixed
Fixed copy user-id to clipboard in profile
Workflow Selection causes app crashes when using an empty workflow
Portal sub-pages doesn't load on refresh
Endless Concept Relation Calls
Annotations Panel shows no annotations in classification app. Fixed
User is able to create workflow without nodes (click grey button). Fixed
Fixed 404 notifs when fetching concept relations in proposals
Proposers - no relation type rendered if just model output
New workflow model id is incorrectly populated
Input Details page isn't confirming/showing the labelled concept
Fixed 1 Model version is being displayed in modelversionselector
Fixed copying apps
Fixed demo app to correctly load fonts


When predicting by input ID, fall back to using the model if we fail to retrieve outputs from the DB
Publish videos separately when reindexing
Prefer clarifai rehosted URLs over original urls when predicting
Fixed failure of cluster inferencing when no embeddings were received
Fix workflow failures in tracker workflows when there is no detection in the first frame
Validated training examples have bounding boxes in them during deep training.


Revise template parameters
Fixed centroid tracker bug
Centroid tracker Platform Integration
Landmark post processing in Python Media Processor
Add Track export method to neural lite tracker handler
Fixed DST directory_upload script
Add model version descriptions
Add new multilingual text similarity embed model version and update the Text workflow to use it.
Add support for audio indexing and transfer learning
Thread through audio support in the platform


Make gRPC Go client
Add reading URL from CLARIFAI_GRPC_BASE to all clients
Create endpoint for fetching relations of multiple concepts in one API call
Fixed app-description duplication on app-copy
Fixed tracker model prediction panic
Reclaimed infinite loop
Fixed incorrect asset count in pipeline
Fixed redis stream msg id to timestamp err
Fixed video ingestion using empty workflow
Fixed app description during app creation is not being saved.
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