Release 5.10
Changelog for Clarifai Release 5.10

Changelog 5.10

New Feature
Bug Fix
Enterprise Only


Create delete email endpoints in v2 to finally get off old internal endpoints to streamline operations
Create Patch, Delete, Get CreditCards endpoint in v2 APIs to finally get off old internal endpoints to streamline operations
Improved billing for collaborators
PostVerifyEmail error causing some issues not being able to verify their email addresses upon sign-up. Fixed
Fixed flaky email verification integration test to provide more stability to sign-up process
Fixed a link to a non-public version of our API used for development purposes which led to a lot of login issues for users who landed there


Created display for scopes on collaborator invitations, allowing users to easily understand and control the scope of access allowed for app collaborators
Introduced Collaborators and Collaborations endpoints in API and UIs in Portal
Add ability to upload inputs from App Details screen in Portal
Created collaboration tab in Portal, making it easy to add collaborators to apps
Created display to show the user who invited you to collaborate on an app
Update email phrases for collaborator invitations. After successful sign-up, the user is now redirected to the app's dashboard in Portal
Fixed issue with concept counts in some apps
Clicking pencil icon to edit an API Key in Portal crashed apps. Fixed

Data Management

PATCH /inputs needs to check status of asset before patching
Removed sync DELETE /inputs after runtime config tested
Changed POST /inputs to be async always to simplify processing of workflows after API client tests updated
Added pagination to clusters making for easier data management
Sporadic inability to delete any inputs via Portal or in bulk via the API
Numerous third party security fixes under the hood during ongoing upgrades
Fix 40012 status caused by parallel deletes and adds having a race condition
Update status_changed_at when deleting inputs so we can better track changes
Cache the input counts so that apps can display them in Portal efficiently
Handle killing URL downloading if it is processing for more than 60s. This will make URL processing much more reliable
Return an error if a user sends YouTube video URL as that is not a valid URL to a video we can download
Prevent PostInputs from creating inputs with a user-provided Input.ID that contains a colon
Video calls failed if URLs contain parameters after the file type. Fixed
Failed to resolve DNS MX record in URL down-loader which effected some downloads. Fixed
Investigate why some re-hosted s3 links are no longer working
Getting input counts was broken in some apps, reporting zero, which caused Portal to add an input view to display always
Debug UnicodeErrors in URL downloading to fix URLs with Unicode characters
Fix the poor handling of video too large error message
Unable to batch delete inputs from time to time has been fixed
Media processor video handling was having errors with decoding some videos
Delete Image Button doesn't work in some scenarios
Fixed support for webp image format so it is available again


Deploy General Detection Beta Model to recognize multiple objects with bounding boxes.
Deployed new face detector for improved face detection performance over images and video
Created custom training enhancements that handle negatives better for improved model performance
Created evaluation metrics for custom facial recognition in backend for improved facial recognition performance
Topological sort for workflows for scheduling a sequence based on dependencies
Cleaned up duplicate models in workflow model list
Deployed clarifai/main general v1.5 in concept model
Create Pixel Training Hyperparameter Help Guide
Improved accuracy of annotation counts, improving the user experience when annotating inputs
If an image is tagged with a concept that is not in the model, training fails due to KeyError, this is fixed
Fix detection labeling bug where previous images image ratio is used which would cause display issues
We have updated Portal to scale to a large number of concepts with much lower resource usage
Investigate face bounding box probabilities consistency to improve user experience
Bounding box creation canvas in Portal was breaking on resize of the window
Cleaned up duplicate models in the workflow model list, so that you no longer see two General models
Unintended behavior for private model version IDs for certain customers has been fixed
Models referencing deleted backends should be marked as deleted
The latest version of our general model wasn't always default, now it is
Fixed a bug with face recognition evaluations.
Deleted Concepts Persisted in face recognition models. Not anymore!
Inability to see whether a large model is training and making progress, or hung has been addressed to better support our customers
Model won't train in some apps with no positive examples issue has been resolved
Fixed issues with color models failing for a short period of time
Fixed list of models available to workflows to only show a single General model


Return custom detection evaluations through the GO API
Improved cluster page performance
Investigate health checks killing a prediction backend service, which could affect some predictions in the API
Workflow predict sometimes was failing with 98012 status code. Many fixes here should reduce that
Workflow Predict called the wrong model sometimes. Not any more!
Video playback out of sync with detections in our demos
Fixed issues with regions predicted on inputs would be carried over between inputs in Portal
Fixed the flaky face recognition tests to ensure stability of our face recognition product
Face Detection backends were running out of memory for some predictions, this has been resolved
Return more descriptive error msg for post metric endpoint
Added helper text/suggestions to improve Portal user experience
Header Search return app_owner's user info in collaboration endpoints
Explorer Search Bar - Clicking the green/red circle icons didn't reliably detect click, now it does!
Portal not showing the correct number of results in concept search. Fixed.
Left/right arrows in single image view don't switch between images with regions. Fixed
Fixed carousel thumbnail clicks wiping query params / trigger new search
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