Release 6.11
Changelog for Clarifai Release 6.11
New Feature
Bug Fix
Enterprise Only


Update annotations count for tasks with consensus review
App Collaborators are unable to view model versions. Fixed
Refactor CustomEval worker
Trigger consensus review when non-anchor annotation is updated
Collaborator annotation success by default


Signup form should show some visual feedback when submitting

Spacetime Search

New Saved Searches not working. Fixed
Unable to save search. Fixed


Frontend merge requests failing. Fixed
Create a 'People Tracker' in Portal with specific parameters from centroid tracker
Proposers - add filtering by status
Proposers - switch workflows
Show concepts from workflows in proposals
Natural language form for Proposals relation type chooser
Allow users to drag & reorder selected models during workflow creation
Add filters to Proposers UI
Add rendering of Proposers UI bounding boxes
Make predictions, versions and concept show for clarifai/main models
No loader in proposals causing user confusion
Proposers - no name shown for collaborators. Fixed
Proposers - classification parent-child hit-or-miss if modelOutputs don't load. Fixed
Button displays in Model Mode for text workflows are off. Fixed
Allow users to bulk-unlabel previously labelled inputs
Adopt sortable table everywhere in portal
Model Mode > OUTPUT_INFO.DATA.CONCEPTS > trashcan icon too far away from the concept name
Display concepts in upload trained model page
Omits being added as Rank instead of Filters. Fixed
All model versions are not being displayed. Fixed
Support Secure Data Hosting for Text Assets
Saved Searches not working in Explorer. Fixed
Omit Negative/Positive and Filter Positive/Negative requests malformed. Fixed
Workflow Range Slider not working for all workflows. Fixed
Bulk labeling should read labels from selected annotations/inputs. Fixed
Disable fetching annotation in bulk-labeling
Undefined is not an object (evaluating 'Ua[o].videos'). Fixed
Failed prop type: Invalid prop sm supplied to Col. Fixed
Remove Create Workflow modal from Labeler
console.log data printed in Taskform. FIxed
Uploading iPhone photos in Portal results in the inputs rotating incorrectly (inconsistent). Fixed
Explorer console error in predictions reducer fixed
Broken thumbnail when uploading a video via data mode page. Fixed
Switch collectors to use new labeler whitelist flag


Re-process assets faster


Update error status codes in daily_error_code_count
Add req_id to logged error
Finish gRPC Rust client
Move the python API client tests to gRPC Python client.
Update & release the clients with the secure gRPC channel
Improved workflow logging
Add PostModelOutputs retries to the gRPC Python test suite for dev & staging
Validate new app id when duplicate app
Workflow improvements
Fix undefined variable

Enlight Train

Model training only uses available inputs, not waiting for all inputs to be processed. Fixed
Add support for landmark extraction model type
Pre-trained model creation field improvements
Fix new deep training: missing platform in benchmark config + torch import affecting TF benchmarking
Allow public model versions if they are used in public workflow
Deep training Bug with small amount of inputs fixed
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