Release 7.4
Changelog for Clarifai Release 7.4
New Feature
Bug Fix
Enterprise Only


App Workflows Panel on Application Details Page
Add annotations to inputs using the annotations tab and prediction tab
Cannot delete input level annotations from annotation tab (single user)
Negative concept search (PostInputsSearch) isn't working properly
Single Input View For both Detection/Classification Annotations
Grid view - Fixed Label/un-label toggle button and remove tag on each input
Application-Details: Poor performance for Applications with many Annotations
Model-Editor: Cannot scroll through long hover-overs
Model-Editor: Clarified help-text for config options
Model-Evaluator: Removes FPR / TPR metrics for Visual-Detectors
Bbox/region annotations not showing under the Annotations tab in Explorer (Input Details view)
Explorer Mode Annotations uses concept_id instead of concept_name
Slow UX while labelling through inputs in Explorer


Model-Card: Published "product-review-sentiment-multi" Text-Classifier
Model-Card: Published "social-media-sentiment-english" Text-Classifier
Workflow-Card: Published "face-v4" with new AngularMargin Visual-Embedder
Model Predictions component fails at performance for videos
Model Predictions can not label at 0th frame index


Task-Labeler: Added new Track-Timeline editing tools
Task-Labeler: Annotations only submitted when Input is submitted
Task-Labeler: Extended hotkeys with Quick-Filter tool
Task-Labeler: Fixed Input loading issue
Task-Labeler: Support changing Concepts for B-boxes
Task-Manager: Fixed loading issue
Task-Manager: Prevented opening empty Tasks
Task-Manager: Unable to change Task from "Complete" to "In Progress"
Task-Reviewer: Fixed issue preventing Tasks from loading
Task-Reviewer: Fixed issue with loading Annotations
Unable to Approve in Review Mode
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