Release 5.11
Changelog for Clarifai Release 5.11

Changelog 5.11

New Feature
Bug Fix
Enterprise Only


Create a UI for personal access tokens making it easier for users to access their own apps and any apps where they have been added as collaborators
Updated /keys to work with PATs so that app-specific keys can be created programmatically.
Login (user/PW) has no rate limit/max attempts. Fixed
Remove all instances of worker_id from explorer
When email link to verify my email address clicked, still see "verify your email" banner. Fixed
API services do not function once Queue goes down and comes back up. Fixed. This makes on premise deployments more resilient to power failures.


Add apps and keys scopes so they can be created with personal access tokens
Copy app count and last_inputs added in app duplication
Fixed demo font syntax
Fixed details page header missing description
Added favicon for Portal
Unable to copy an app that has been shared via Collaborators. Fixed
Setting useCustomConfig isn't checked at login. Fixed
Collaboration apps have race condition where wrong user id is used
Stopped loading of collaborations for search demo/logged-out users
Return “All” scopes when listing available scopes so that you have that option when creating new keys.
Collaborators can not see workers. Fixed
Missing Apps_Get scope in session token auth caused creation of keys to fail temporarily. Fixed
List of missing scopes is not correct in error messages. Fixed

Data Management

Optimize video detection frame rate on Front end
Improve JSON serialization performance in our servers by using an optimized third party library
Able to overwrite default max conn for Citus
Rewrite input counting in the API to be more scalable and robust
Allow RegionInfo from SpireDetectEmbedResponse to contain Point when saving to DB
Unable to upload same file(s) through browse files. Fixed
ffmpeg can produce no frames for very short videos
Add Inputs/View Explorer does not display in new app anymore. Fixed
Clicking video thumbs in detail view does not reload a video. Fixed
Keyboard navigation in image details view highlights incorrect thumb
No Prompt when uploading an image to Explorer through URL. Fixed
Properly return error if AddAssets failed to insert into database


Remove classification/detection toggle in image details view
Improved adding negatives to regions
Create one annotation for each bbox
Log capability added for annotation/search request/response
Eliminated error if no annotation to be deleted
Last concept used for bounding boxes is retained between apps. Fixed
The Add Positives / Add Negatives buttons on a Concept details view breaks portal
Custom facial recognition bboxes on grid view do not correlate. Fixed


Ability to keep concepts sorted by alpha in Portal
Implement image crop model to make it possible to work in subregions of an image
Implement random sample model type, adding to fixed function feature set
Update training templates to have more straightforward names and more friendly defaults
Fix the WorkflowInput field name in proto to workflow_input
Allow models that need outputs from previous nodes in a workflow to have access to those outputs to support chaining complex graphs of models
Confusion matrix predicted/true are swapped in evaluation results. Fixed
Fixed generalModel imports and optimize video click handlers with useCallback hooks
Fix for selectEmbedModelVersionId in detection apps
Drawing annotations: wrong embed model version id
Made custom training evaluations for large models stable.
Training progress is saved too frequently, causing very slow training
Return friendlier errors for incorrect parameters passed to templates
Fixed a bug in tracing setup for custom trainer and evaluator
Some models were operating slowly because of lack of resources. Fixed
Training System failed to train some layers. Fixed
Prevent users from evaluating models that are not trainable
Fixed node ID validation logic in Bug in workflows


Add colors to differentiate region results
Cannot view workflow results in a face app. Fixed
Video spire tests are not running correctly. Fixed
Video processing fails with 'caseids' error. fixed
Add click to search metadata attributes in image details sidebar
Implement visual search in another app as a model type you can add to a workflow
Search bar missing in some cases. Fixed
Region Searches within Search Bar still use crop coordinates instead of base64 bytes. Fixed
Click Search button icons on Thumbs not working for localized search. Fixed
Disable all search by click handlers in Portal for Text Apps
Disable "hide all positively labeled" inputs button for NLP until search works
Scroll active thumb into view in image details carousel
Render Video Assets in Search Bar
Editing geo/json search items no longer work after adding the search bar tooltip. Fixed
TypeError: Cannot read 'get' of undefined when clicking image thumbnails in Explorer search bar. Fixed
Explorer Visibility in small resolution screen improved
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