Release 6.6
Changelog for Clarifai Release 6.6

Changelog 6.6

New Feature
Bug Fix
Enterprise Only


Integrate Python functions service with API
List available model types through API


Fix video error from new face cluster model in staging env
21312 Ground truth data caseids must be nonempty and unique. Fixed
Update deep training to list the ModelTypes
Move model_metadata to better place in protos.
Generalize the domex-visual-searcher model type
List available model types from backend services that provide models.


Fixed bug in submitting finished Labeler Task
Select all concepts checkbox can be de-synced from actual concepts badges. Fixed
Disable Create Task button if not app owner
Search by task_id returns incorrect data
Removed model creation from concept creation action in portal
Video scrubber cannot be moved. Fixed
Fixed ability to delete interpolation tracks (you can only delete frames at this time).
Worker ids used instead of names in report overview in stats view. Fixed
Y-axis on labels created stats page is wrong. Fixed
In task creation, adding concepts should be simple to click all the options right away. Fixed
Toggling concept visibility doesn't affect previously hidden child region. Fixed
If reviewer is not a collaborator, UI sends empty reviewer id back instead of raising error. Fixed
Bounding box disappears on resizing. Fixed
While adjusting bounding box, it creates an additional bounding box over no object. Fixed
Using Play button brings up "Oops" page. Fixed
Error on opening Video Labeler. Fixed
Labeler sidebar interaction bugs and unresponsiveness (due to lack of optimistic UI). Fixed
Newly drawn object disappears from canvas after drawing, and reappears after API response. Fixed
Infinite loading in Labeler Mode for app without any inputs. Fixed
Use name field for tasks in Labeler admin. Fixed
Clicking labeler icon crashes. Fixed
Moving bounding box around repeatedly creates a race condition, shows error notification and duplicate box. Fixed
Explorer inputs stale state. Fixed
Diagnose issues affecting overall hanging/speed/performance of Labeler
Carousel thumbnails not showing up in Labeler. Fixed
Not able to create overlapping bounding boxes. Fixed
When user adds mass metadata in Explorer, the UI says success but metadata does not persist. Fixed
Create annotations while creating task. Fixed
Labeler board showing wrong task type. Fixed
Polygon annotations break Explorer. Fixed
Concept autocomplete in Labeler task creation is showing clarifai/main concepts. Fixed
Should not be allowed to create a task with no concepts if my app has no concepts. Fixed
Fixed image tools state
Restricted tasks to only the assigned users
Add validation to TaskForm’s concept field
Removed all instances of worker_id from Explorer
Create one annotation for each bbox
98011 panic on ListTasks. Fixed
App names no longer display in Explorer. Fixed
Empty Annotations are not displaying after drawing a new bounding box until after refreshing the page. Fixed
Drawing a new bounding box in Explorer after previously labeling a region display an error. Fixed
Video search results do not play at the most relevant video time. Fixed
Change text upload UI to support moderation workflow
Change object key lookup in boundingBoxContainer to use lodash/get
Submitting Task for Review break Portal. Fixed
Labeling a region on an asset with multiple detected regions will put the child annotation in the wrong group in Explorer's sidebar. Fixed
ConvertToBoundingBoxRegion function breaks Explorer when annotation information has not loaded at time of render. Fixed
Video Frame Annotating in Explorer throws errors. Fixed
When drawing a new bounding box, Base64 string for video annotations shows the wrong regions. Fixed
Fixe 10MB issue with video uploads
Detection Regions and Indexes are thrown off on video assets. Fixed
Video Search Results still on showing Inputs. Fixed
DetailsPageHeader adds 2.25rem margin to the DetailsPageBody. Fixed
Video Interpolation in Labeler breaks dev. Fixed
Redux is no longer calculating the sample_ms rate, preventing bounding boxes from rendering. Fixed
Fixed video pause error when navigating between videos
ImagePile in Labeler Task View does not display image thumbs due to extraneous object nesting. Fixed
Remove warning error from console for immutable passed in props to SearchGrid.js
Post annotation to detection region should use region id in portal. Fixed
Delete app button in app details takes you to blank page. Fixed
Incorrect bbox/label numbers displayed in image. Fixed
Multiple video thumbs selected in search results when selecting one thumb. Fixed
Improve Labeler mode window resizing.
W and E hotkeys for image labelling to go left/right.
Polygon annotations break Explorer. Fixed.
Polygons regions don’t appear when panning and zooming. Fixed.
Allow users to create concepts on task create view.
Fixed task list item count query.
Utilising new task endpoints to Create tasks and integrate to show tasks in Portal.
LabelerPage refresh error. Fixed.
Should not be allowed to create a task with no concepts if my app has no concepts. Fixed.
Unknown page Error. Complete interpolation of an object doesn't show bbox. Complete tracking of a box will disappear from the video. Fixed.
Fixed carousel padding.
Labeler board showing wrong task type. Fixed.
Integrate worker/reviewer side of Labeler.
Add 'name' field to new Tasks.
Create annotations while creating task.
Carousel thumbnails not showing up in Labeler. Fixed.
No image clearing/loading indicator in Labeler. Fixed.
Use name field for tasks in Labeler administration.
Bulk labeling value does not update in store upon labeling. Fixed.
Record time per annotation and per input to /stats/values in Labeler mode of Portal.
Query and display stats across workers per task for time and count of annotations.
Concept autocomplete in Labeler task creation is showing clarifai/main concepts. Fixed.
Implement polygon task type in Labeler.
Applying filters in Portal breaks bulk labeling / unlabeling. Fixed.
Unable to bulk-label annotations. Fixed.
Change submit to "Complete Task" in Labeler page and add progress bar as it's working.
Allow Patching region annotations in Labeler mode.
Add AI assist thresholding.
Add ability to set annotation_info in the annotation writer
annotation_info should be a valid JSON in Model Mode. Fixed.
Upgrade gulp and node to latest version for testing-library support
Write PropType declarations for componens/ConceptListTable
Enable collapse behavior in sidebar concepts
Create atomic reusable sidebar components
Integrate React Testing Library
Konva: Image centering, zooming, panning
Move toolbar logic to react context
Refactor TaskForm related thunks to sagas
[Rearch]Scaffold Labeler Redux in a new nested state slice & Implement Sagas
[P2] Task id is used in dropdown of stats tasks rather than
[P0]Show taskId at task list
Move region visibility state to its own React Context
Get sidebar list data directly from redux
[P1] Don't hide task form if error occurs
Remove delay of annotation request
Remove animation for showing concepts on right side
Perf: only fetch input predictions/annotations if user stays on image, not while navigating
Get Labeler internal features ready for internal users
Offload annotation creation to backend
allow reviewers update annotations
No image clearing/loading indicator in Labeler
Controls for resizing bounding boxes need to be more visible
Fabric rendering to be real-time; sync from API in background
make tasks endpoint public
list task by worker id/reviewer id
Add 'name' field to new Tasks
Integrate worker/reviewer side of labeller
Integrate and Implement task deletion using new endpoints
Utilising new task endpoints to Create tasks and integrate to show tasks at portal
Integrate and utilise new CRUD endpoints in portal
Allow users to create concepts on task create view
Add empty CRUD endpoints for tasks
Make polygons a separate task type
Add AI assist thresholding
W and E hotkeys for image labelling to go left/right.
Improve labeler mode window resizing.
Allow Patching region annotations in labeler mode.
crank up internal message size to handle larger videos with more outputs
Introduce stats collection APIs for worker stats.
Implement /tasks CRUD in API.
Add to API as well as track id.
Remove ‘alt’ from hotkeys, just use letters and arrows straight up
Update image tool icons
Add support for fields under ENUM values during model creation
Implement Dynamic model types
Ungrouped Annotations/New Annotation Regions should display at the top of Explorer's Detections List
Change explorer to use sample_ms instead from network response instead of deducing the value
Hide Workflow List Elements if below Range Slider value
Modify Annotating from Custom Model Predictions to post new annotations.
Update model mode with new designs
Refactor ImageUtils.js file to individual functions instead of one object
Added threshold search result in Portal
Update media player icons
Display timestamp bar in Explorer grid view for video results
Concept relation should autocomplete concept name
Send email to workers when they are added to task
Assigning a worker or reviewer to a task sends an email
Apps with empty workflow should allow all task types (concepts, bounding box, polygon) during task creation
Edit Task feature
Support consensus review settings
Support detection tasks
Create new Single Image View and Image Tools
Task view UI for workers
Introduce AWAITING_REVIEW status for annotations
Split tasks admin view into tabs
Test out idea behind tasks as saved searches and POST /annotations iterations
Implement search by annotation.status in backend
Search by images or video type in the right hand side bar of explorer's grid view
Video Crop Region Search
video thumbs display relevant frame in search


Display workflow detection predictions on the main/large image in Portal
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