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Changes to PostModelOutputs and PostWorkflowResults Responses

Learn about changes to PostModelOutputs and PostWorkflowResults responses


January 4th, 2023


Exclusion of some fields from PostModelOutputs and PostWorkflowResults prediction responses


When using the PostModelOutputs endpoint or the PostWorkflowResults endpoint to make a prediction call, the entire model information, including all hyperparameters, is included for each output in the response. This is extremely verbose and also unnecessary, as the same information appears repeatedly throughout the response. It also impacts network usage, ease of viewing and processing the results and debugging by the user, and other performances.

Model description, notes, and related model info fields are to be excluded from PostModelOutputs and PostWorkflowResults prediction responses. The model and model version ids are still available in the responses. If you need more model info than that available from any of the responses, you can look up the info by model id using the GetModel endpoint.