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Upcoming Platform Changes

Learn about scheduled changes to the Clarifai platform

This page lists the changes that we want you to be aware of well in advance, as they may affect how you use the Clarifai platform. These changes include scheduled downtime and other improvements in the stability, performance, or functionality of the Clarifai platform, all aimed at better serving you as a customer.

Some of these changes may not be backward compatible and may require you to update how you call our APIs. We have created this page with the intention of being as transparent as possible, so that you can plan any corresponding changes in advance and minimize any interruptions to your usage of Clarifai services.


The dates listed in the following tables indicate when we plan to implement the changes. While we may actually make the change in the days following the specified date, it is advisable to update your client-side code before that date to minimize any downtime to your applications.

We will continue to regularly update this page, and a good way to stay up to date is by watching our documentation repository on GitHub.

Upcoming Changes


Completed Changes

August 15, 2023(Breaking change) Enabling Secure Data Hosting (SDH) feature for all usersLearn more here
July 27th, 2023(Breaking change) Fixed critical issue with the workflow builder returning old hash-based IDLearn more here

Changes to the Use of PATs and API Keys

March 30th, 2023(Breaking change) Critical changes to the use of PATs and API keysLearn more here

Deprecation of closed_environment

January 26th, 2023Deprecation of closed_environment in favor of enrich_dataset for creating embedding-classifier modelsLearn more here

Updates to Model and Model Version Endpoints

January 20th, 2023Critical updates to model and model version endpointsLearn more here

Changes to PostModelOutputs and PostWorkflowResults Responses

January 4th, 2023Exclusion of Some Fields From PostModelOutputs and PostWorkflowResults Prediction ResponsesLearn more here

Other Previous Changes

VariedOther previous completed changesLearn more here