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Clarifai Releases and Update Types

Learn about our release types and monthly updates

We continually enhance our platform with regular releases and updates. Understanding the types of updates and their frequency helps users make the most of the platform's capabilities.

Whether you're seeking cutting-edge features, stability improvements, or security enhancements, staying informed about Clarifai's release cycles ensures you can leverage the latest advancements in AI.

Release Types

Clarifai release editions refer to the different stages or types of releases that our software product can go through — from development to deployment. These options help us manage the introduction of new features, bug fixes, and updates while ensuring quality and stability.

We can issue a release at any of the following phases, based on the degree of maturity:

  • Non-GA features are provided primarily for evaluation and feedback purposes and should NEVER be used for production workloads.

  • We could issue a release as an Enterprise-only feature, meaning it will be accessible exclusively to users on the Enterprise pricing plan.

Release TypeWho can use?For production?DescriptionPurposeInterface StabilitySupport
Private PreviewInviteesNoAlpha quality available only to a select group of users, often by invitationGather feedback and identify issues from a controlled, smaller user base before wider releaseNoEngineering team
Developer PreviewEngineersNoA beta version of the release that is still considered a pre-release. It’s available to all users, particularly engineers, providing an opportunity to test new features. This type of release is typically reserved for Streamlit UI modules or new features released with programmatic support, such as via the Clarifai API and SDKs.Gather feedback from engineers, ensure compatibility, and identify any issues related to the development environment or integration with other systemsNo (It may be feature-complete but still unstable)Engineering team
General Availability (GA)EveryoneYesThe official release of the product to everyone. It is considered stable, feature-complete, and ready for production useThe final product is available for use by any user based on their pricing planYesSupport team

Monthly Update Types

Clarifai releases major platform updates monthly on the first Tuesday. The update versioning follows a Version X.Y.Z format:

  • X: Indicates the release year since Clarifai’s founding in 2014. For example, updates in 2024 follow a 10.Y.Z format because 2024 is ten years since 2014.
  • Y: Represents the month of the major release.
  • Z: Denotes the minor release within that month's major release.


  • Clarifai supports Generally Available (GA) releases of active products for up to two years.
  • Eligible code-fixes and hot-fixes are provided via new minor releases (Z) on top of the latest major release branch, for up to two releases from the most current major release.
  • A major release is identified by a change in the first (X) or second (Y) digit in the versioning nomenclature.

The following table details expectations for each update type:

Update TypeDescriptionCan include new GA features?Can include breaking API changes?Can include new preview features?Can include new security and stability fixes?
Major ReleasesSignificant updates that may include new features, major changes, improvements, bug fixes, and breaking changesYesYesYesYes
Minor ReleasesMinor updates to customer impacting bugs, security issues, or other critical problemsNoNoYesYes